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Learn More About OzKleen's Impact On The Environment

Learn More About OzKleen's Impact On The Environment

Stage 1 Development

Our Solar Impact

Currently, we are at the initial stages of our solar implementation, we currently have 140 panels installed with plenty of space for more! We generate enough electricity to run the entire facility which makes us 100% sustainable.

We have future goals to be in an off-grid situation. We have allocated enough space to house a  super capaciter / battery that will store energy.

100% Sustainable

Our Water Impact

OzKleen houses a total of 5 water tanks that help us run the entire facility, these hold a whopping 250,000 litres! We use the yearly rainfall to help fill our cleaning products, clean our floors and equipment as well as sustain our toiletry facilities.

Environmentally Responsible

Our Packaging Impact

We produce on average around 400,000+ bottles of cleaning goods weekly, so we ensure that we use the best packaging for both the environment and the customer. We work closely with our local suppliers to help decrease our footprint on the ecosystem, this all comes down to the cartons, bottles, triggers & labels. One of the best advantages of this is that we can significantly reduce the emissions used in transport, no more ordering from overseas, everything is within driving distance!

We take inspiration from the industry to improve our operations by working closely with our in house team of engineers, this ensures that we have the most sustainable packaging and work methods.

Making Cleaning Safer

Our Formula Impact

Here at OzKleen we pride ourselves on using the very best natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. We are constantly looking for better natural alternatives to nasty chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, bleach and acid. We go through extensive research and experimental development for industry regulations as well as being cruelty and vegan free.

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